moving your property up to the next level

Real Estate Photographer serving the GTA and the rest of Ontario. Working with Real Estate Agents and Home sellers to make the most out of selling properties. 

Are professional photographs really necessary?


With more technology readily available to everyone the chances that buyers are scouring the internet for properties is very high. What sets your listing apart from your rival’s is having stunning images that capture an audience. This is the first look potential buyers may have at your property, do you want them to overlook their dream home because of boring, flat images that tell them nothing about it.

In fact by taking images using a simple point and shoot or *shudder to think* your cell phone camera, you could be doing more harm than good. It is very easy to make a room look small, dark, dingy with the wrong angles and lighting.

If your pictures impress the more chance you have of them coming to you the seller to view the home. If you do not have images that stand out from the crowd, you are undoubtedly missing out on dozens, if not hundreds of potential clients.

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