Be Prepared

Although a professional stager is best, your clients can help make their home look 10 times better in photograph’s by following these very simple tips:

Without Spending a Cent:

No clutter!

Kindly ask them to remove all clutter, remove all items from counter tops, tables (excluding slight decoration). Clean out pantries and closets, buyers will like the fact you have lots of storage space…. if they are over crowded buyers will think your home is lacking storage space.

Remove completely!

Photographs of family, fridge magnets, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes,

Less is more!

Oversized or too much furniture can make rooms look smaller. Remove to make rooms look spacious.


This may seem obvious but not to some! Your client needs to keep their home in tip top cleanliness at all times while their house is on the market. Don’t use smelly products that will distract during showings…. if your a smoker or have pets air out the house before viewings. Rake leaves, shovel driveways… keep the yard clean to!


Having animal’s indoors can be a big turn off for some buyers, best keep them outdoors or at a friends if possible. Allergies play a major part and no one wants to enter a house with a yappy dog!

Precious items!

Although we like to be trusting but the fact is strangers are coming through the house. Lock away all jewlery and other precious items.

Homely accents!

Make people feel at home, cookies baking in the oven, fresh cut flowers, roaring fire in winter. Try to avoid artificial scents like deodorizers and sprays.

Spending to Sell:


Your clients home may need painting in order sell quickly. Wild wacky colors may turn prospective buyers away as they cannot picture themselves in the home. Also, a fresh coat of paint will clean up any marks as well as allow buyers to move in and not feel the need to paint right away (saving them money in the short term!)


Changing out dated fixtures can add aesthetic value and really doesn’t have to be that expensive.

Unique decorations:

Replace family portraits with abstract photographs or art, add accents with simple vases, candles, flowers and planters.

Please contact us for information on professional home stagers that work in your area.

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